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Big Pitcher is much more than a pub. It is an all-new experience of different cuisines, epicurean delights from around the world, pub ambience, discotheque, fine-dining and much, much more .....

Big Pitcher Logo
Big Pitcher was created with a vision of crafting the finest beers and providing an innovative, exciting and alternative experience. Big Pitcher is not just a pub but specialized in fine dining and gourmet experiences
Extreme Pubtainment with insanely delicious food, signature cocktails and our own traditional crafted beers, Club Kahuna is wild, charming and loaded with entertainment. Club Kahuna is a frenzy of activities .....
Splitwood, has an open and a lounge setting and is perfect place for family and friends with country music and signature dishes, signature cocktails and, of course, our special beer brews. Wild West interiors .....
Sizzling Street Logo
Can you think of a better way to relish juicy, succulent barbeques at a live grill which is balanced between sweet & spicy, hot & cold while sipping freshly brewed beers in a bright jazzy ambiance? Read on .....
Let the party animal come alive inside you at Studio 4121, the discotheque and the party zone at Big Pitcher. Studio 4121’s cavernous interior is the best nightclub with an electrifying ambiance ....
Star Lounge is the perfect romantic dining experience bathed in candlelight with superlative cocktails and gourmet delicacies for the connoisseur. Enjoy the premium liquors, premium cocktails live seafood display ...

Big Pitcher - Six Floors of the Finest Global Cuisines

Big Pitcher provides some of the finest culinary and gastronomic experiences of Global cuisines and dishes spread across six floors. It's not your average multi-cuisine restaurant. Each brand has a unique and separate kitchen which specialized in different global cuisines.

global cuisines - our specialty

Club Kahuna

Club Kahuna specializes in Indian, Italian & Mediterannean dishes. Our kitchen has been designed for global cuisines and our staff trained specially to give you the finest dishes. Our ingredients are the freshest and sourced from the finest producers. Click for Menu


At Splitwood. we create great and authentic Indian, Pan Asian and Oriental dishes. Every dish on our menu is meticulously planned and executed. Each ingredient used is authentic and only the freshest is used. Click for Menu

Sizzling Street

If you want the juiciest, most succulent Indian, Continental, Chinese and Global grills and barbeques then you will love Sizzling Street. Live grills, buffet on trolleys, food festivals and the finest steaks and roasts are our specialities.

Studio 4121

At Studio 4121, our discotheque, you can relish finger-lickin' finger food. While every one offers it, our finger food is to die for. Try the Carribean Butter Fish Fingers, Golden Fried Magic Prawns or simply dive into one of the platters. Click for Menu

Star Lounge

Star Lounge takes fine dining to the highest levels with the best in sizzlers, steaks and seafood specialties. Star Lounge offers a wide range of global cuisines for the discerning foodie with Indian, Continental, Grills, Steaks, Italian, Mediterranean and seafood dishes for an epic culinary experience. Click for Menu

Bar Menu - All Floors

Big Pitcher specializes in signature cocktails, premium cocktails and liquors across all the floors. Enjoy the finest in Single Malts, Aged Whiskeys, Champagne, Cocktail Pitchers. Classic Cocktails and innovations in cocktails. Of course, you must try our traditional crafted beers from our own brewery! Click for Menu
Big Pitcher Trolley Buffet

Not just the waiter, the entire buffet arrives at your table at your bid. – First Time in Bangalore, where the buffet comes to you! An amazing experience, parallel to none, with great choices of Oriental and Indian Cuisine with hand- picked selections made just for you!! Call us now at 080-4553-0000 for your reservation! Don’t Miss this one of a kind experience!!


Great Craft Beers

Brew Master Venkatesh speaks from his thirty years of experience in breweries on making great craft beers ... read more

Party Responsibly

Corporate Message

Have a great time at Big Pitcher but be healthy, safe and sound. A message on social responsibilities and safety read more

Cocktail Essentials

Want to impress your guests with some amazing cocktails? Tips from Chief Mixologist, Phillip Edwin  .... read more

Our Beers

Our Beers
Discover some of the best brewed and crafted beers that our legendary Brew Master concocts which embody the spirit and flavours of traditional brewing suitable to the Indian palate


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