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We thank The Uncliched for writing such a brilliant blog about Big Pitcher’s ambiance, food, drinks, beers and services.

The Uncliched, according to his own words, is a Grammar Nazi. Suave, Savvy, Geeky. Clam, Impatient, Versatile. Ductile, Malleable yet brittle beyond a point. A true-blue Gemini!

And, here’s an excerpt from his blog about Big Pitcher:

“Be it on a date, a group of friends looking to have a fun time, or people who would like to put on their dancing shoes, this place cater to everyone. With a huge selection of dishes and cocktails to choose from, Big Pitcher has a little something to suit all palates. The pricing is also on the average side and if you have Zomato Gold, it would be an even better deal.

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