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Beer aficionados have acquired a taste for craft beer in India and Big Pitcher offers amazingly awesome craft beers to it guests. We have been focusing on creating some of the finest craft beers not only in Bangalore but in India too. We have focused relentlessly in making sure that our craft beers are not only the finest but also address the Indian palate.

Our craft beers have been received by our guests enthusiastically. Here are a few examples from Zomato reviews:

Anoop Prakash “The craft beers are definitely worth a try and come in a wide variety in taste, therefore I would recommend ordering the round of samplers before you try a beer”
Rishabh Bagrecha “was my first microbrewery, and was really good, had 3 types of beer which was really good. Ambience is really nice Ended our run with vodka shots. A must try”
Karthikeyan Selvaraj “Have visited Big Pitcher thrice in two months as a part of my microbrewery pub exploration! That shows the amount of awesomeness!”

Big Pitcher’s Craft Beers

We are proud that our Brew Master is relentless in the creation of the craft beers. He is painstakingly thorough and unwaveringly unforgiving when it comes to his beers. From the finest and most authentic ingredients to the adherence to the processes and environment, Venkatesh, our Brew Master makes sure that the finest craft beer is delivered to you.

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Big Pitcher has five craft beers which are suitable for a wide range of palates and can be paired beautifully with different dishes and cuisines. Our popular craft beers are:

Sarava Multi-Grain Beer

This beer is refreshing due to its citrus notes which come from our special spice added to the beer. Read more

Adjust Maadi

Traditional German Wheat beer with a nice fruity aroma along with banana, clove and bubble-gum notes which are already present in many wheat beers. Read more

Hop Witch Beer

Traditional German Wheat beer with a nice fruity aroma along with banana, clove and bubble-gum notes which are already present in many wheat beers. Read more


Brewed for high strength of 6.8% alcohol with yummy toffee-like malt notes, spicy clove-like phenols, light banana and/or vanilla, and a moderate wheat flavor, combined with a powerful aroma of dark fruit (plums, prunes, raisins or grapes). Read more

Czech That Pilsner

Meet the Wild Cat Slav Lager “Czech That Pilsner” with Czech hops, bringing herbal, flowery notes. Malt is well present in the flavour, with a nice bready taste, slight caramel flavour. Read more

We'd love to show you around our microbrewery if you are interested Free Microbrewery Tour in Bangalore.



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