The Magic of Club Kahuna

Club Kahuna by Big Pitcher is the most happening pub in Bangalore packing in great food, craft beer, signature cocktails and live entertainment with an electrifying pubbing experience

Imagine sitting back and being served the finest craft beer, the finest in culinary sophistication and imbibing freakishly good cocktails while watching some of the hottest performers in India.

Yep, Club Kahuna gives you that kind of experience and, then, more.

The Pub with A Difference

Club Kahuna has been designed with a dark, ultra-cool pub feel. The sprawling space, high chairs and the dim lighting enhance the pub experience. Of course, we go beyond the pubbing experience and provide amazing, finger-licking food, combo meals and more.

What adds to Club Kahuna’s aura is the fantastic entertainment available. You not only get to drink the finest beers but also enjoy a host of talented and highly-acclaimed DJs belt out to get you right in the groove.

Electrifying Pub Energy

Club Kahuna pulsates with energy and caters to those who enjoy the good life. The décor, the ambiance create a throbbing, pulsing experience which is what a good pub experience should be.

The Finest Craft Beer

Big Pitcher has the latest in brewing technology and the microbrewery is visible from Club Kahuna. We have some of the finest in craft beers in Bangalore and it’s a beer-lovers paradise. Our signature craft beers, created in our own microbrewery is the toast of the town.

Drink to your fill and luxuriate in the taste of real craft beer like Sarava, Adjust Maadi, Czech that Pilsner, Kingslayer and Hop Witch.

Signature Cocktails

If you want to go beyond beers, you can try out some of our amazing cocktails. Our cocktails are bold, innovative and delicious. You could order the cocktails in singles or in bottles. It is an incredible experience to sip away these fabulous cocktails and enjoy the Club Kahuna pub experience.

Culinary Delights

Club Kahuna gives you the pleasure of tasting incredible dishes which are perfect for pub food. Discover some of the finest pub food and dig into our wide array of pizzas, kinds of pasta, Biriyanis, nachos and the choice is wide enough for everyone.

You can order starters, finger food, combos, lunch or dinner.

Pub Entertainment

If you rock to the sound of music, then we have a host of amazing performers covering a wide range of genres from pop, Bollywood, rock, Techno, House and more. These talented pub performers get you in the groove to party hard and experience a thrilling pub experience.Incredible Pub Experience

All this brings together an incredible pub experience which is one of the hottest nightspots in Bangalore.

We welcome you to experience it!

Check out Club Kahuna Bar Menu and Club Kahuna Menu and check out our Big Pitcher Combo Lunch - Rs 199

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