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Wild West Ambiance

Splitwood recreates the heady days of the wild west over a sprawling stylishly rugged all-wood décor which hosts over 150 people. Splitwood is the place for those who love to relish great food and drinks without being disturbed.

The Wild West rugged ambiance will whet your appetite for the Indian and Oriental dishes. Splitwood, has an open and a lounge setting and is perfect place for family and friends with country music and signature dishes, signature cocktails and, of course, our special beer brews.

Kitty parties, birthday parties, corporate get-togethers take, social gatherings in the brightly lit, casual dining atmosphere makes dining out fun and exciting

Cuisine & Signature Dishes

Splitwood focuses on Indian and Oriental dishes with flavours that blend with the cheerful, bright ambiance. Our signature dishes like Tandoori Khayal (Lobsters), Saunf aur Mirchi ki Pomfret, Parat ki Batter (quails), Dum Dum Mushroom, Lacchedar Aloor, Jugal Bandhi Gobi, Naanza (pizza on Naan), Rogani Chaamp,  Prawn Till Yawn, Fish in Splitwood Waters, Vegetable Dragon Rolls, Peking Roast Chicken, Emperor Chicken, Bean Curd in Black Bean Sauce are best enjoyed with our beers like Hopwich, Sarava, Adjust Maadi, Kingslayer or Czech that Pilsner

Asia Craving Buffet with Unlimited Beer

Oriental Buffet Unlimited

The Asia Craving Buffet at Splitwood is a food-lover’s paradise with a range of amazing seafood and vegetarian options. What’s even more exciting is that it includes unlimited beer.

The Asia Craving Buffet is the most exciting gourmet experience. What’s more important is with unlimited in-house beer, this is truly an unbeatable social experience.

So, dig into the most exciting array of delicacies in starters, mains, desserts while relaxing with Big Pitcher’s famed craft beer. Try the Adjust Maadi, the Czech that Pilsner, Hopwitch, Sarava & Kinglayer. All this for an unbelievable price of Rs 1049 + taxes!

So, what are you waiting for – make a reservation now.

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