Big Pitcher with its Big Offerings

Big Pitcher with its Big Offerings

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IPL- Indian Premier League

The start of an amazing 46 days full of nervous nail-biting and cheering for your favorite team! And along with IPL comes balling in the string of offers that never seem to stop! And that is not a complaint.

At the multistore empire at Old Airport, is the six layers of enjoyment. And this is a feature, unlike any other. The extravagant interiors also give out a very homely atmosphere. Being a microbrewery, Big Pitcher is there to quench your thirst, literally and metaphorically. With Studio 4121 is the place with a dance floor and live DJs playing the grooviest tracks, all your dancer needs come to rest.

Club Kahuna space where you can catch some electrifying live performances by bands, musicians, or stand-up comedians. Experience a fine-dining experience at The Star Lounge, relish Tex-Mex dishes at Splitwood, or devour some of the juiciest grills and barbeques at Sizzling Street.

It's the ambiance at Sarjapur that will make you fall head over heels. A multilayered and multidimensional space has a great open area designed for your comfort. If you don't love Big Pitcher yet, it's the beer! There wouldn't be words to describe it apart from delicious, as per the customer reviews too! A range of 9 flavourful beers is something for all you beer lovers.

And the last and final reason to love Big Pitcher is the offer, the special offers during this IPL season. With 1+1 beer offers and 1+1 cocktails offer, this is kicking out your pandemic blues. And also an additional beer

voucher on a bill of Rs. 1000. Killer food to go along with it. The Ultimate tandoori chicken naanza, which is a crowd pleaser and along with a potato party. Big Pitcher's menu is created with food inspired from all around the country.

If you are not convinced yet, Better come over!