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Lets all admit it! We miss going out ahh! The good old days! Its time we bounce back. A good news is what we all are adapting to the new normal with the pandemic. Big Pitcher the best breweries in bangalore is open to its patrons by following all safety measures.

Hygiene and Safety Standards
Hygiene has become our priority and very well so! With the highest safety standards, regular temperature checks, and proper sanitation as well as maintaining social distancing. We also have contactless valet parking, digital payments and hand wash is done every 30 minutes.

We are back! Dine in with us.
Big Pitcher is back in business! It is just about the time that we embrace the new normal and enjoy all the things we loved in the past and rediscover new things. Big Pitcher is back and we can’t be more glad. Remember the good old times when you could walk into Big Pitcher and enjoy a meal? You can do so now as we are open for dine-in. We have taken all the necessary safety and hygiene measures and have ensured our staff and patrons are healthy and happy. Can’t step out? Don’t worry! We also have a takeaway and delivery option to satisfy all your food cravings as well as beer cravings With the best craft beer in bangalore.

Order in or Takeaway!
Order in happiness and get double happiness free! With every order from Tandoor Factory, Conti Club, Masala Darbar, and Chow Panda, you get a dessert free. Order in and get joy delivered from Big Pitcher! Plus there's food for your every mood. Plus you get beers for takeaway at 25 percent discount. Life can’t get better than this right? We also have liquor at MRP rate that you can buy and take home with you from Big Pitcher. What are you thinking about? Go on, head to Big Pitcher or order in for wonderful time.