Food Education should be compulsory?


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Food provides us with nutrients. Nutrients are substances that provide us energy for activities, growth, and all functions of our body such as; breathing, digesting food, materials for the growth and repair of our body, and for keeping our immune system healthy.

But, how well do we know about our nutrients? Understanding and knowing how to choose and prepare healthy and nutritious food is a very important skill in life. Especially during these times it is important to keep our immune system strong and healthy.

With the types of food available to us we hardly stop to think what we are choosing to put inside our body. We often underestimate the importance and influence proper food and nutrition has on our health.

What if we were taught a subject on the importance of nutrients?

Would we know to choose and eat better?

Would the world be rid of obesity and food related diseases?

Even though we currently do not have a subject on Food Education, it will certainly help if there were. Knowing and understanding how to maintain a healthy diet will strengthen the immune system, reduce the occurrence of many diseases such as: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and greatly improves the quality of a person’s life. It will also help in empowering us with knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices.