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Many things give us thrill in life, but only a few of them could make us feel young, happy, and refreshed. We know how much you relish beers, so do we. With pandemic strain everywhere, we have taken all precautionary measures to make our beer protected and produce it in the safest healthy of ways possible. Big Pitcher is one that microbrewery in Bangalore that stands tall amongst all of them. In this blog, we will break all our beers for you, so next time you visit us, you know what to relish asper your mood cravings.

Sarava - All the way from Brazil, this drink is all hush hush. The secret ingredients in it give out an intoxicating aroma leaving everyone refreshed. One thing we surely know about this drink is that it is light with citrus notes. What we cannot comprehend is how it leaves the crowd bowled over!

CZECH THAT PILSNER - Carrying a noble and crisp demeanor, this drink is a mild brew with a nice bready flavour that goes really easy on you. Herbal, Caramel, with notes of floral, if you drink like a fish, this one is an ocean you’ll love to dive into.

ADJUST MAADI - This twisted, citrusy beer screams ‘Maja Maadi, public?’. High on cloves and tropical fruits, this twist on the classic hefeweizen is perfect if you are sneaking out for lunch with your office buddies, or chilling after a long day. This is our bestseller and most brewed beer.

RYEPA - A taste for the Modern American taste buds. Known for its Hoppy and bitter taste, this brew screams refreshing and just what we need for the upcoming scorching summer.

HOP WITCH - Hopwitch is mystic, miraculous and oving. This drink will leave you bewitched with the bitterness. From the stables of the legendary Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt, this American-style, is a crafted medium-bodied pale ale. Hoppy, fruity and unpredictable, it’s got it all. Intrigued? Come and take it home, only from Big Pitcher.

ENDLESS DARKNESS - Endless Darkness is a pitch-black wheat beer, our “Schwarzweizen” has strong roasted coffee and chocolate notes, a creamy texture, and a light finish that encourages you to keep drinking till oblivion and go off the deep end.

KINGSLAYER - Kingslayer is the Lord Commander of the great wheat beer, and belongs to the family of dark ales. Its sweetness, and powerful aroma leaves the haters weak on their knees with the creamy sensation. As the storm of spice, and pack of punch consumes you, you’ll only want more.

Lungi Scotsman - Our special brew is a blend of peat-smoked whiskey malt and award-winning Maris Otter malt, rich with British hops and yeast, and a touch of dark jaggery for a rich, molasses-like South Indian vibe. The final beer is then aged in French oak, to create a unique drink replete with rich notes of toffee, vanilla, and honey, making this one a silky, smooth one to remember.

DIVINORUM - A style developed by trappist monks, in a monastery tucked away amidst the Belgian plains, Divinorum is a religious experience for beer lovers. It is sweet on the tongue, dry at the finish, with an intense and complex aroma of stone fruits and spices from the special Belgian yeast used. Very pale in color, the brew goes down easy despite being the strongest member of the Big Pitcher.