Today’s Good Mood is sponsored by Craft Beer (Big Pitcher’s Beer Guide)

Today’s Good Mood is sponsored by Craft Beer (Big Pitcher’s Beer Guide)

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How many times have you heard the word craft beers or brewed beers? Every wondered how is it different from the ordinary bottled beers?

We keep getting inquiries asking us why the bottled beer would stay for so many days, but these craft beers wouldn’t last longer than merely 48 hours. We realized how many of us have been drinking this god’s creation without knowing much about it.

A quick question, how many beers have you drank so far in your lifetime? We tried keeping a count ourselves, 1..2..3…..99……499… of writing this story, we lost the count.

We all have seen a rise in the consumption of craft beer over the last decade. Humans have evolved into understanding the importance of knowing the beer they are drinking.

But, now the question arises: How many types of craft beers are there?

How many craft beers are there across the globe?

We're already feeling the buzz while talking about freshly brewed craft beers. There are over a hundred different styles of craft beers available in the market currently. But, not all are amazing. In most cases, brewmasters of every brewery select anywhere between 5-10 different craft beer styles depending on their local market's taste preferences.

Since we thought of focussing on the craft beer guide for our readers, it becomes imperative for us to let you know how you can enjoy those craft beers properly.

best brewery in bangalore

Tips for Enjoying your craft beers:
Flavors can be barring and complex, tempting and deadly, and even confusing and charming at the same time. There are various factors involved in bringing the right experience for you while having your beers. And trust us, these factors really MATTER.

So, what should be the Do’s and Don’ts while you sip it?

Take more than one sip when trying a new beer. Only then the right aroma and structure can be felt.

The Right Temperature really Matters. Did you know that drinking the beer cold has a scientific explanation to it? Best Served Cold. The cold sensation on your tongue inhibits the taste receptors. So, suppose the beer is over chilled. In that case, you may numb those taste receptors, which ultimately would lead to you not experiences the right taste

The glass that you drink your beer in can actually influence the best beer experience for you. The beer needs a certain amount of surface area to maintain the taste. Also, various glass forms can even impact temperature. So, the next time when your beer is served in a tulip glass or an imperial pint glass, you’d know that it’s all those small efforts that actually make your experience OUTSTANDING.

Admire Her! Take a moment to look at your beer. Consider the color, the foamy head (depending on the style), the cloudiness (or clarity), and think about how beautiful your craft beer really is.

The craft beer’s ABV for Always been Virtous, but, Alcohol by Volume. We know, you hardly care about picking the beers in any order while you try those testers. But, it’s high time you change this habit. We mean it! It is an excellent practice to always start with the lightest texture with the lowest ABV gradually going to the one with the highest ABV. This way, you’d be able to judge various beers and select the right fit for yourself. Shhh…. This is a TOP SECRET, Nobody tells you this!

All those “Koi Mil Gaya Fans” might be disappointed with this one, but avoid keeping your craft beers in the direct sunlight. Most of the best breweries tend to have open seating areas which lead to the sunlight sometimes coming in contact with your beers on the table. It’s a big NO-NO.

Empty stomach? No “chakna”, in such cases, please be patient and order something to eat along with your beer. Eating food before or while having these beauties can actually change the way your body metabolizes alcohol. If you really want to savor your beer-drinking experience, you need to have CHAKNA. Also, chances are you’d actually be able to drink the second beer only while you have something to eat


Big Pitcher, Bangalore’s favourite brewery, one of the most sought after brewpub brews an average of upto 10 beers at a time. To know more about the beers that are brewing at Bangalore’s best brewery, you can visit this link.

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